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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
The Lawrence C. Patrick Jr. Foundation envisions a Detroit full of educational opportunities and successes. Where all students in Detroit have equitable opportunities towards their academic success, higher education, and the careers of their interests; resulting in increased high school graduation rates, college admission and completion, and personal and career satisfaction.  Where the organizations, institutions, and persons committed to serving youth in Detroit, have access to all the resources and tools they need to best support youth in Detroit.
Our vision is to support, empower, and build the capacity of community-based organizations and individuals in the city of Detroit, Michigan with the resources, guidance and sustainability and opportunities they need to win.
Core Values
The following core values form the fabric of our culture and are informed by the Foundation’s founders. These values are stable across time and support all of our work.
We value and understand the importance of transparency. This keeps us honest, authentic, and accountable.​
We seek to anchor our work in celebration and respect to Detroit’s rich history and the endless possibility of its future.​
We are committed to carrying on the cherished family legacy of extending ourselves in the spirit of giving.​
Cultural Pride
We seek to honor and celebrate the richness of various cultures​
We strive to constantly meet and raise the bar on outstanding practices and outcomes around education. 

Celebrating the contributions and legacy of Detroit native and education pioneer Lawrence C. Patrick Jr.

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